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Quocirca Names Xerox a Leader in Global Print Security Landscape 2023 Report

The switch to remote and hybrid working combined with supporting digital transformation brings an ever-expanding landscape of vulnerabilities and risks when it comes to print security.

Businesses of all sizes and across every industry are becoming increasingly vulnerable to new security challenges that emerge from hosting business-critical data in the cloud to support digital transformation initiatives as well as remote workers accessing data from home networks that may not provide the same level of security as the workplace.

The Quocirca report found that 61% of organisations reported data loss due to print-related breaches in the last 12 months, with an average cost of £743K. With 27% of IT security incidents being related to paper documents.

Xerox Stands Out

Xerox delivers multi-layered security services encompassing secure devices, secure fleet management and data and content services to provide a good strategic choice for organisations that are reliant on printing and need to mitigate security risks.

As stated in Quocirca’s report: “Xerox has advanced its leadership position in Quocirca’s assessment of the print security market in 2023. Xerox has refined its security strategy, deepened investment in its service portfolio, and enhanced its go-to-market enablement. Its security-centric hardware portfolio is complemented by a broad range of flexible and scalable security services and solutions that it delivers to both SMBs and large multiregional and global customers with stringent security needs.

“Xerox particularly stands out for its strong legacy in the managed print services (MPS) sector and expertise in delivering comprehensive security assessments. Its depth of experience and capability in securing and optimising document workflow processes is among the strongest in the industry.

“Over the past year, Xerox has amplified its global security messaging and adopted a multi-layered security portfolio that conforms to a set of zero-trust principles. Notable advancements have been made in areas such as certificate management, firmware management, vulnerability management, security monitoring, and automated remediation.”

“Xerox products conform to a broad range of industry certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 22301, SOC2, SOC3, and FedRAMP. Robust security extends to Xerox cloud services such as Workplace Cloud, which enables secure print management and fleet management and is also FedRAMP authorised.”

The average cost of a data breach is over £743,000 per breach, rising to approximately £1,338,000 in France and falling to a little over £492,000 in the UK. The sizes of organisations show a correlation: large organisations see losses averaging £1,103,000 per breach, with SMBs seeing losses of £400,000, as shown in the graph below.

Quocirca Print Security 2023 Vendor Landscape Graphic

The Vendor Landscape in 2023

Quocirca has created a snapshot of the positioning of vendors in the Global Print Security market. Please note, because of varying service offerings for each vendor and regional differences, this is intended for guidance only.

The graphic represents Quocirca’s view of the competitive landscape for vendors based on the following categories:

1. Leaders: Vendors with a strong strategic vision and a comprehensive print security product and service offering. Leaders have made significant investments in their hardware, solutions and services portfolio, and infrastructure, and also demonstrate a strong vision for future strategy.

2. Major players: Vendors that have established and proven offerings and are continuing to develop their solutions service portfolio. These vendors are most likely to be strongly focused on the SMB market with a hardware-centric approach.

How We Can Help

Speak to our team today to discuss how we can help you strengthen your print security posture.

Source: “Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2023”, April 2023

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