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XBS Advanced UK CSR Salvation Army

Living Our Values

Our people and communities are at the heart of Advanced UK and the founding vision for our business. That's why we've developed strong partnerships and initiatives for making a positive impact in local communities.

And we often find that our values align closely with the clients we work with, further reinforcing the strength of our partnership. Over the years, we've spent days ensuring the growth of local charities through fundraising and volunteering, donating gifts at Christmas, getting hands-on with local conservation work, and more.

Explore some examples of our CSR initiatives

Global Impact

As part of the Xerox family, our collective impact is on a global scale with innovation targeting global issues and over 25,000 hours of volunteer time delivered annually. Recent initiatives include marking Earth Day with a worldwide litter pick as part of a month of volunteering, with $10 per hour per employee also donated to charitable causes.

xerox Altodigital litter picking
XBS UK Advanced UK CSR Presents

Committed to Charity Fundraising

Every year, we run a companywide drive to donate sack-fulls of presents to the Salvation Army, and other worthwhile charities, especially those in support of children. Employees regularly hold events to fundraise for causes close to their hearts such as the MacMillan Cancer Charity.

Supporting Activity for All

Our support for the Weir Archer Academy and Get Kids Going makes us feel especially proud. The Academy was founded by David Weir, CBE and Jenny Archer, MBE to bring the enjoyment of the benefits of sport to the next generation of disabled people. Get Kids Going helps provide sports and mobility equipment for disabled children and young adults.

XBS Advanced UK CSR Get Kids Going
XBS UK Advanced UK CSR White Lodge

Champion for Causes

Advanced also supports CurePSP, the leading source of information and support for patients and their families, other caregivers, researchers, and healthcare professionals on prime of life neurodegeneration including Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), CBD, MSA, and related diseases.