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Intelligent Networking

Work from Anywhere

Enable Your Team to Work From Anywhere Using Any Device

With the workforce distributed further than ever before, providing your users the same seamless access to applications and data whether they are at the head office or the ‘office of one’ is harder than ever. 

Advanced UK, a Xerox Business Solutions Company, has the experts that can help your organisation adopt the latest technology to keep your users productive – wherever they are working. 

We get you connected! 

Whether you're looking for small business or enterprise networking solutions, connectivity is no longer limited to the four walls of your office. Our IT experts can help design, build and maintain a wireless network complete with cloud solutions to help take your business to the next level. 


Deliver reliable high-quality network access to connected users. Our solution architects can support all of your business’ network hardware needs as well as provide services to help you with the installation, management, and ongoing support of your critical network services. 

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With a larger cyber attack surface than ever before we can help defend your business and data with either physical or virtual Next-Generation firewalls. 


With organisations adopting more cloud-based applications we can help improve your network performance and reduce the cost of your existing WAN by maximising existing connectivity technology instead of having to upgrade to faster speeds. 

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We can help design a fully bespoke private wide area network for your organisation using a combination of compatible connectivity technologies such as mobile, copper or fibre infrastructure. 

Our PWAN solution has resiliency and failover built into the design to ensure your productivity doesn’t stop and minimises downtime – all while encrypting all your data keeping your data safe and secure. 

Guest WiFi and Analytics  

Your guests need to be able to easily access your WiFi – without comprising the network. We can help you provide a great guest visitor experience while giving you insights to understand your visitor behaviour and the opportunity to engage with guests via email, WiFi or SMS. 

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