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XBS Digital Services

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Automate and streamline everyday tasks

Let’s start your digital transformation today

Power up a more productive and flexible workforce. Our experts help you explore to the possibilities, enabling you to transition to better ways of working without taking your eye off the ball.

Future-proof your organisation, remove mundane, cumbersome and inefficient practices, and boost productivity, security and flexibility to enable you to adapt and grow. We'll take you beyond pandemic-induced fixes to help you to tackle productivity snags that hamper your ability to create a true competitive advantage.

At Advanced UK, we have a range of tools and solutions to help address your biggest challenges, and to stay resilient, agile and ready for the future.

Creating streamlined digital workflows

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All the information, documents and data that form the lifeblood of your operations are intelligently captured and made available where it's needed, with no needless administration resource or delay.

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A seamless, secure infrastructure enables your teams and customers to collaborate, avoiding mundane labour-intensive tasks and the limitations of cumbersome paper-based processes.

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From a more customer responsive service with the data you need to manage queries and requests at your finger tips, to sending essential and impactful customer communications with only a click or two.

Complete Digital Services and Solutions for Better Ways of Working

Get the right results with more flexible and productive working. Our scalable, integrated solutions drive digital transformation one step at a time.

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Better manage the documents, information and correspondence flowing into and out of your business, unlocking a whole host of benefits whilst reducing cost.

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Going digital can start with removing your most clunky paper-based processes, helping you become more efficient, flexible, secure and audit ready.

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Enjoy access to collateral 24/7 via an online portal for all your web to print, promotional and publishing needs, with the flexibility to customise and personalise content.

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Streamline your financial operations to save money and time with purchase to pay software delivering better visibility, control and flexibility.

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Xerox® Services for Healthcare supports your transformation from paper to digital health records, integrated with your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other key systems.

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Improve your visitor and employee experience with slicker, secure digital sign in and space booking. Includes capacity alerts, evacuation management, guest pre-registering and more.