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A Xerox Business Solutions Webinar

Transform Your Production Print: Boost Efficiency and Sustainability with AI and Print Data

Webinar Postponed - exciting news coming soon.

Unlock the Power of AI and Print Data for Sustainable and Efficient Production Printing 

Join us and Zaikio on Tuesday, 16th January, at 11:00 am for a webinar designed to put your business at the forefront of innovation. 

Discover the power of AI and your print data as we dive into how they can revolutionize your operations. We understand your clients' priorities when it comes to sustainability and ESG, and will show you how aligning with them can make you an indispensable part of their supply chain. 

What's in it for You 

  • Sustainability Insights: Uncover the key drivers behind your clients' sustainability goals and learn why meeting these objectives is not just good for them but essential for your role in their supply chain 

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Explore how AI can be your secret weapon to simplify data processes. Imagine a business where your operations are streamlined, and efficiency becomes second nature. 

We're putting your clients at the heart of the conversation. Understand their needs, meet their expectations, and position yourself as their go-to partner for sustainable and efficient printing solutions. Walk away with tangible insights and strategies to implement immediately. This isn't just theory; it's about transforming your business starting today. 

About the speaker:

Karl Ciz

Partner Success at Zaikio

Karl is a digital native, having brought cloud solutions of all types to market, from the very beginning of e-commerce right through to multi-channel and print solutions. Since graduating from University in Modern Languages Karl has specialised in high-tech and disruptive solutions which impact and change the way we do business for the better. Karl's belief is that "one to many" solutions are the future of business and manufacturing. He currently heads up partnerships for Zaikio, the ultimate print solution designed to make communication, integration and interoperability in print easy and accessible to all.

Karl Ciz

About the Speaker

Joe Gallagher

Director, Advanced UK, A Xerox Business Solutions Company

Specialising in intelligent workplace sustainable solutions, Joe’s many years of experience working for large corporations within the technology, software and services sectors, and has always been an early adopter for change.  Joe leads a number of initiatives working with partners and alliances with new technology like AI, AR , RPA, 3D and the new and growing importance within decision makers, Sustainability. He understands the importance of sustainable procurement and how the clients supply and value chain is vital in helping them succeed towards their own Net Zero ambitions.

Joe Gallagher

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