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Building on our Legacy in the Community

Advanced UK has kept community at the heart of what we do since we were founded. As part of the Xerox Business Solutions family, that legacy and impact has deepened.

Since 1906, Xerox has proudly served as a responsible corporate citizen, helping to charter a course toward a more sustainable future and remains steadfast in that commitment to care for and support our people, our communities, and the planet as the global economy and our industry continues to evolve.

The commitment to community and social responsibility is outlined annually in the Xerox Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. This also demonstrates how Xerox continues to build on an impressive legacy of diversity, inclusion, and belonging by executing against a robust roadmap that fosters a culture of inclusion and celebrates diverse perspectives.

Efforts align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide a framework to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 2022 CSR Report includes the SDG icons, representing its 17 goals, next to the corresponding section titles to clarify alignment.

Also in the 2022 report, continued acceleration toward the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2040 is confirmed. This target was fast-tracked by 10 years by pursuing a number of key initiatives including climate change awareness training for all employees worldwide. Xerox remains a strong and visible advocate for environmental progress by showcasing sustainable solutions at conferences, including COP26, continuing to invest in sustainable offerings, such as digital services and CareAR, and reducing the operational footprint of the business. The Xerox approach to environmental sustainability is outlined in the roadmap to net zero, also contained in the report.

Advanced UK’s commitment to the communities we serve has never been stronger with new UK programmes such as the global Team Xerox Volunteer Days, and new partnerships with organisations such as the Prince’s Trust, opening up more opportunities for our people to give back their time and talents and make a difference in their communities.

Steve Bandrowczak, Xerox Chief Executive Officer confirmed; “Xerox continues to lead by example, operating with integrity and nurturing a culture that upholds the highest ethical standards. Recognising that there is always more we can do to make a difference, I am incredibly proud of what the Xerox team has accomplished this year. The progress, learnings, and insights we have gathered along our 100+ year journey will continue to inspire us and inform our Corporate Social Responsibility strategies for the next hundred years.”

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