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Why Hybrid Mail is part of your Digital Transformation?

As businesses of all shapes and sizes continue on their digital transformation journey to improve efficiencies and add value they are reviewing their biggest workplace technology priorities for 2023. 

One area of particular focus is mail and how the value of mail can be increased in the era of digital transformation. Hybrid mail solutions can make printing and mailing affordable and easy by allowing businesses to compose, manage and print their mail more cost-effectively than traditional methods.  

Hybrid mail is the process of handling your outbound business post digitally to create a digital mail solution. It makes it easier and more cost-effective to send important customer correspondence such as invoices or appointments in just a few clicks.    

With a hybrid mail solution in place, businesses can boost productivity and efficiency without the need to expand their teams. Staff will no longer be required to manually sign, insert, seal or frank mail as all mail will be submitted electronically to a service delivery centre. Utilising a hybrid mail solution helps businesses obtain high postage discounts, making the solution an attractive prospect from a cost perspective.  

Hybrid mail also reduces the need for expensive desktop laser printers and mitigates the need for maintaining such devices or bulk storing paper and printer toner. Another great benefit of hybrid mail is that as it is all managed digitally any changes to the mail or letterheads can be made instantly which helps to significantly reduce time and paper waste.  

How hybrid mail accelerates digital transformation 

Not only does hybrid mail provide a secure solution for outbound mail needs, but it also supports hybrid and remote working, simplifies mail processes and helps to reduce paper waste.  

When businesses adopt hybrid mail, remote workers are no longer required to be in the office to manage outbound mail. Instead, they are provided with a secure solution to digitally manage the creation and mailing of outbound mail that can be completed from anywhere and with just a few clicks.  

These simplified processes significantly reduce the time staff need to spend manually printing and posting outbound mail, which leads to better efficiencies, greater productivity and gives staff more time to focus on other business-critical tasks.  

Having a hybrid mail solution in place helps businesses further their digital transformation journey by putting the technology in place that can help them add value, reduce costs and support the new future of work.   

Create more sustainable ways of working 

In addition to the cost and time savings hybrid mail can deliver, is the impact it can have on sustainability and the environment. As we previously mentioned, with hybrid mail there is no longer the requirement for businesses to run expensive print devices which can help reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy.  

As all the printing is managed off-site at a service delivery centre, the letterhead and mail are printed at the same time, which means that should any changes to the letterhead be required they are completed digitally, which reduces the waste of pre-printed letterheads that are not needed. 

How we can help 

With Xerox Digital Mail Services, you can compose, manage and print your entire organisation’s mail from any location through our secure mail server. Our hybrid mail solution ensures customers receive the highest postage discounts available to reduce the costs of their outbound mail.  

Speak to a digital services team today to discuss your requirements.

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